Spray Tan Business 101: How to Get Started

Starting a spray tan business can be a great way to make money and have a flexible schedule. Spray tanning is a preferred and healthy option for getting a tan without damaging the skin with UV rays. Many people desire to have a natural-looking glow all year round, and they are ready to pay for it.

A spray tan business is a company that delivers clients the possibility to receive spray tans in their homes or office. Spray tanning is considered healthier than tanning booths or laying in the sun due to its lack of UV rays that have links to cancer. Customers can still have a healthy glow without having to worry about the negative effects of sun exposure.

The first step to beginning a spray tan business is choosing what type of spray tan solution you’d like to give clients. A mobile spray tan business may be cheaper due to not having to rent out a space, but has other variables like transportation costs to consider. Conducting initial research on your competition may make this process easier.

The next step is to choose what type of spray tan equipment you will need for your business. You will need a spray tan machine, a spray tan tent, a spray tan solution, and some accessories like disposable garments, gloves, wipes, and fans. You will also need a reliable vehicle to transport your equipment and yourself to your clients’ locations.

The third step is to get certified as a spray tan technician. This is not mandatory in most states, but it is highly recommended for several reasons. First, it will give you the essential skills and knowledge to perform professional and safe spray tans. Second, it will boost your credibility and reputation among potential clients. Third, it will help you avoid any legal issues or liabilities that may arise from improper or negligent spray tanning.

The fourth step is to register your business name and obtain any necessary licenses or permits. Depending on your state and local regulations, you may need to register your business name with the Secretary of State or the County Clerk’s office. You may also need to obtain a business license or permit from your city or county government. Additionally, you may need to get a sales tax license if you plan to sell any products along with your services. You should also have a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from your competitors and appeals to your target market.

The fifth step is to set your prices and determine your income potential. You will need to consider your costs, your competition, and your value when setting your prices. You can charge more for mobile spray tans than in-studio spray tans because of the convenience factor and the travel expenses.

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